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Latex Foam Mattress
Good looking and comfortable Latex Foam Mattresses are available online here. Some of the mattresses are made using innovative pin core technology, which ensure outstanding air circulation.
Bed Mattresses
We are offering hypoallergenic bed mattresses, which are soft, rigid and provide utmost comfort to the human body. These are good on spine and are free from mite dust.
Foam Mattress
Completely hygienic foam mattresses are offered by us, which will keep the allergies away. These provide good support to the entire human body and keeps back pain, fatigue & other ailments away.
Spring Mattress
We are offering multi layered spring mattresses that have a pocket spring installed in their base layer, which consequently gives utmost comfort to the human body. in these mattresses, we assure superior bounce and comfort.
Rigid Foam
Each pack includes 1 foam and we are looking for bulk inquiries for these rigid foams. These are tested using latest technology which makes them good for human health.
Foam Pillows
We are offering foam pillows which are light weight and provide good support to the head. These are easy to wash and are provided after being treated using a health fresh technology.
Rubberized Coir Mattress
Rubberized Coir Mattress offer a number of benefits. More than anything, the natural fibre used in its construction can benefit the general health and well-being. With a rubberized coir mattress, one may sleep well knowing that no moisture or dust particles will form underneath the body.
A mattress is a big, generally rectangular pad that is used to support a person who is lying down on the bed. It is intended to be used as a bed or as part of a bed frame.

Natural Latex Pillows
Any mattress will benefit from the addition of a Natural Latex Pillows. It is the perfect finishing touch for a new bed or a great place to start if one is looking to improve an existing one.

Natural Latex Mattress
The resilience of Natural Latex Mattress is widely recognized. Natural latex is a eco-friendly substance since it is produced from rubber trees and can be whipped into foam with little to no additions. A natural latex mattress can also save money in the long term.

Ortho Series Mattress
The Ortho Series Mattress distributes the body weight evenly to avoid pressure points from forming, especially in the neck, back as well as hips. Orthopaedic mattresses assist relieve stress on the spine and prevent back discomfort by ensuring proper spinal alignment.

Natural Emulsion Mattresses
Natural Emulsion Mattresses are made from natural materials and hence does not include any potentially dangerous chemicals. Emulsion is made up of millions of molecules that come to life and offer support to every part of the body.

Comfort Mattress
A Comfort Mattress can not only help users get a better sleep, but it can also ease pressure points, correct the spine, and make one feel refreshed rather than achy when they wake up, which is why it is the most demanded product.

We are looking Inquiry mainly from Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.
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